Product & Safety Disclaimer

Product Disclaimer:

La Lucie Summer Picnic Tables products will vary in wood colour, grain, shading, texture, and finishes, and are not guaranteed to be a perfect match to images used on this website. This is due to various hand applications being used on the range and the materials used to create it. Each product is unique, no two are the same.

Each table is hand-painted, as such each is different and unique.

Although every care is taken to ensure our products handle temperature and humidity changes, conditions can affect the products you purchase from us. Your table may experience small movements and cracks as it adjusts – this is not a fault, but a natural occurrence within the fibres of a natural product. La Lucie Summer Picnic Tables continually refine and perfect our methods and materials to provide you with a quality product.

Safety Disclaimer:

Do not stand or sit on product. Do not put fingers between folding legs. Always supervise children when around or using product. Do immerse in water. Do not place this product next to a radiator or fire. Do not place hot items directly on to the surface, marking may occur.