A bit about Summer Picnic Tables

Summer Picnic TablesThe Summer Picnic Table story

We came up with the idea of the Summer Picnic Table on a camping trip with our 2 young children back in 2014.

Our busy young boys continually gravitated to our precariously balanced wine glasses, and no matter how many times we balanced them in the sand or propped them against the camp chair, over they went, again and again… The final straw that broke the camels back, was when my whole bottle spilled, pouring its precious contents onto the sandy ground. I think I may have actually cried.

The concept was born…

Lucky for me, my husband is a professional furniture maker (and very talented and handsome – he made me write that) and seeing my face turn as red as the wine I’d just lost, he promised to ‘knock-me-up’ something to solve the problem… The first Summer Picnic Table was born, and my sanity was saved, as were our childrens lives…

The Table was created…

The first prototype wasn’t nearly as pretty as the tables we now make, but it worked just fine and the more we used it, the more comments we had from people who saw it!

We sold our first batches of tables 4 years ago, at various markets on the Gold Coast, and their popularity grew very quickly. We now offer our range to businesses around Australia and New Zealand.

We use a unique painting style, which is bright, striking and beautiful. Each colourway is inspired by our beautiful Australia. All tables are hand-painted, stained, sanded and varnished in our Gold Coast factory with attention to detail to every process. Each table is individual and unique and made with care by our handpicked, highly creative team.

The Picnic Tables are lightweight, portable and sell themselves when set up beautifully in your shop or photographed for your website.


We are a Gold Coast based family business, working hard to provide a beautiful handmade Australian Product. We are actively involved in our business, manage and oversee all the processes in making our range and are passionate about quality.

Our Summer Picnic Tables range is a demonstration of design and craftsmanship. We continually test new techniques and create new products. We have now added the Banquet Table to our range, this deluxe table comes with a bucket which fits perfectly into the table to keep drinks cold and fresh.

Please email or call me with me any questions, or fill in our Wholesale registration form for further details.


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